Single system


When you configure a single system, no transport routes are created.

This R/3 System can only be supplied with special transports.


To configure a single system, proceed as follows:

If you use the "Standard configuration" function, all previous configurations for all R/3 Systems are replaced by the standard settings. Development classes or transport layers which already existor objects created in the R/3 System are deleted.

  1. In the graphical list editor, choose Configuration ® Standard config.
  2. The Change Transport Routes dialog box appears.

  3. Select Single system and choose Continue.
  4. Your single system is displayed in the hierarchical list under Insertable objects..

  5. Save the configuration.
  6. To check the single system configuration, choose Configuration ® Check ® Local.
  7. To activate the configuration, choose Configuration ® Activate ® Local.


The single system has been configured.