Work Item

There are basically two different work item types:

A dialog work item is the runtime representation of a single-step task (standard task or customer task) that requires user interaction. It is generally these "normal" type W work items that are displayed in a work list.

When a dialog work item is executed, the underlying object method is called. Deadline monitoring is performed for dialog steps.

The single-step task represented by a dialog work item can:

The dialog work item is displayed to all selected agents in their integrated inboxes with the status ready. When one of the selected agents reserves the work item for processing or executes it, it disappears from the other agents' integrated inboxes.

A workflow is the runtime representation of a multistep task (workflow task/workflow template).

Each multistep task started generates a workflow. The history, step log, and the container of this workflow can be accessed for evaluation purposes.

Type F work items are not displayed in the work list.