Additional Funds (Infotype 0181)

In this infotype, you enter data that is relevant to the processing of an employee’s contribution to additional social provident funds such as SINDA, CPAC and EAF.

Institution of Social Provident Fund

All additional funds are parts of a larger group of social security institutions. Depending on which of these institutions you select, you can determine to which Additional Funds an employee will make his contributions. Note that as of now, only one such institution exists, the Central Provident Fund.

Additional Funds

Depending on an employee’s ethnic origin, he may have to make statutory payments to an additional fund (e.g. SINDA), the amount of which depends on his wages. The fund that applies to his ethnic group is defaulted by the system in accordance with the information you stored in the infotypes Personal Data and Additional Personal Data.

It is also possible that an employee wants to make voluntary contributions to other funds, which he normally does not need to contribute to, or wants to contribute more than the legally required amount. In this case, you can specify a flat amount to be deducted and flag the field Wage indep.. Note that this amount must exceed the statutory amount if it is to be used for a fund which is wage dependent.