Characteristic value in the catalog of the summarization level


The characteristics that you choose here determine how the summarization levels summarizes and stores the data. You can summarize the data across all the values of some characteristics, while breaking it down by values for others in order to allow more detailed analysis.

The more characteristics you summarize, the more the data is compressed and consequently the more limited in use the level is.

You have three options for each characteristic:

1. Summarized characteristics: The values of these characteristics are summarized and are not available for analysis (in reporting, etc.)
Do not enter anything in the field next to the characteristics that you want summarized.
2. Free characteristics: If you want to use certain characteristic values as selection criteria, you need to include those characteristics explicitly in the list of characteristics. For characteristics that you want to break down by individual values, enter the value "*".
3. Fixed characteristics: Instead of entering "*", you can also enter a single characteristic value. This makes sense if you only want to analyze that one value of the characteristic (for example, only one company code) or are interested in seeing either only plan data or only actual data, or only data of a specific record type). You can display a list of existing values for each characteristic by pressing F4 on that field.

CO-PA-specific information

Some characteristics are automatically filled with "*" (period, fiscal year, plan/actual indicator, version and record type). These characteristics must be included in every summarization level.

Instead of "*", you can also enter a fixed value for these characteristics. If you try to delete the entry in one of these fields, the system displays an error message.

There is one exception to this rule in Profitability Analysis: If you are using the alternative period type for your operating concern, the characteristic "Alternative period type" also appears in the field list. In this case, you have three possible combinations for the three characteristics of time:

1. alternative period type only (* or fixed value) - fiscal year and period are summarized
2. fiscal year and period only (* or fixed value) - alternative period type is summarized
3. alternative period type, fiscal year and period

SAP-EIS-specific information

Each summarization level automatically contains the fixed characteristics "Fiscal year", "Period", "Value type" and "Version". The fiscal year and period are unspecified characteristics. For the value type, however, you must specify either a fixed value or enter "*". You also must specify a value for the version.