C_MESS_WRK Process message - plant


Using this authorization object you can restrict the user's authorization to maintain process messages in a plant.

The authorization is checked:

When you send messages using the report RCOCB002, no checks are carried out.

Defined fields

The following table contains the fields of the authorization object and the respective values.

Fields Possible Description
Action 01 Create/send process messages
02 Change/send process messages
03 Display process messages/
call up the message monitor
06 Delete process messages
Plant Plant in which the action can be carried out


When a process message is displayed or deleted, the system also checks whether the user has the authorization to display or delete the respective log. This authorization is maintained via the authorization object S_APPL_LOG Application log . The name of the application log object for process messages is COMS.


User A is allowed to display all process messages in plant 0001, but is not allowed to create, change or delete any process messages.
The user has the following authorization: