Userexits for the validation

Example for User exits

In form pool RGGBR000 you can find two examples, of how you can use User exits for validations in EIS:

1. The form US001 can be used in single record validations.
With this form, the current data record is transferred to structure CF001 and you can then access the characteristics and basic key figures in aspect 001.
2. Form UM001 can be used in the matrix validations.
With this form, the current data records are transferred in complex type BOOL_DATA. This type only consists of the structure element BOOL_DATA-CF001, which is an internal table of structure CF001. All the records which the matrix validation currently evaluates are in this table. In the form 'UM001' a check is made whether the characteristic value '00000001' appears a maximum of once for divsion.

Both forms have the parameter B_RESULT as a changing parameter. Here, either a T (true), if there are no complaints, or an F (false), if the record(s) show(s) errors, are returned. All User exits must be reported in form GET_EXIT_TITLE, which is at the beginning of the form pool, this is done by writing them in the table 'EXITS'. In the definition of the validation the User exits are referred to with '=<Name der Form>' (e.g. '=UM001'), where the name of the form must start with a 'U' and contain a maximum of 4 further characters.

Creating your own User exits

If you want to use User exits, copy the form pool RGGBR000 to your own and create the forms for the User exits in this. You must report all forms in the form GET_EXIT_TITLE, as has already happened for the example exits 'US001' and 'UM001'. Then you must report this new form pool as the current User exit - formpool, in the system. This is done in transaction GCX2. You get to the table maintenance for table T80D where you enter the new report for the work area GBLR (Val/Sub:Exits for Rules) under 'Ex.prog.'.
Note: If other applications also use validations with User exits, you must use the same form pool. Before you delete the entry under 'Ex.prog.', you should speak to the person responsible for the previous form pool.