Consolidation (EC-CS)

Version of consolidation data. Several versions of data can be managed in parallel with a version for actual data, in order to produce alternative results for the purpose of simulation, planning, restatement, and so on.

Consolidation versions are made up of an array of special versions in which Customizing settings from the various areas of Consolidation are saved (for example, data entry, tax rates, translation methods, and so on). Special versions reduce the amount of effort required for defining consolidation versions that are largely identical, since each special version is maintained centrally and can be referenced by any number of consolidation versions.

Consolidation (FI-LC)

Versions enable you to perform consolidations using different valuations and to run separate comparisons and simulations based on different financial statement data. These can then be compared using existing reporting tools.

You can create a new version at any time.

Controlling (CO)

Collection of fiscal-year dependent indicators for plan and actual data for one controlling area. These indicators include:

Sales & Distribution (SD)

A list of addresses selected according to selection criteria such as

You can create several versions for one direct mailing campaign. There are various editing functions which you can perform on the versions which give you flexibility in creating the final mailing list for the direct mailing. The version which is to be used as the mailing list is called the standard version. The other versions are known as additional versions.