Controlling (CO)

Proof of a cost accounting posting. This posting can be made both within(e.g. distribution) and outside of (e.g. primary cost posting in FI) the CO module.

Cross-Application Functions (CA)

Data storage medium containing information of a specific type.

You can define a document as a group of related documents, or as part of another document, by linking subordinate documents to superior documents in a document hierarchy. To define more complex structure, use a document structure.

Documentation Tools (CA-DOC)

Formatted text (SAPscript) for the R/3 online documentation.

A document contains text explaining components or functionalities in the R/3 System. To display it, you use the help functions. A document is either assigned exclusively to one object in the R/3 System or it exists as an independent system object. A document has a document type and a document class.

Financial Accounting (FI)

Proof of a business transaction.

There is a difference between original documents and DP documents:

The accounting document reflects the original document in the system. All other DP documents serve as an entry facility.


Information (for example text, graphics) held in a special table

The following document classes exist in Customizing:

SAP ArchiveLink (BC-SRV-ARL)

In SAP ArchiveLink, the term 'document' is used to refer to a sequence of pages which are logically related.

SAPscript (BC-SRV-SCR)

Formatted text.

A document is the result of assigning styles and layout sets to text. In SAPscript, the text is formatted for output on the screen or to the printer.

Sales & Distribution (SD)

Printed record of business transaction in sales and distribution processing.

There are three different kinds of printed documents: