preparation for consolidation

Consolidation / Consolidation (EC-CS/FI-LC)

Preparation of individual financial statement data (reported financial data in EC-CS), ensuring that it can be passed on to the Consolidation application in a form in which it can then be processed.

These preparations are a prerequisite for the automatic transfer of data from the SAP applications Financial Accounting (FI), Profit Center Accounting (PCA), Materials Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD) into the Consolidation application.

These systems, in which data is initially entered prior to consolidation, have the capability of managing the necessary additional account assignments in their documents and passing them on to the Consolidation application when data is transferred.

The following are examples of additional account assignments:

Some of the functions involved in preparations for consolidation can also be used independently of the R/3 Consolidation application to reconcile payables/receivables or revenue/expenditure between subsidiaries (consolidation units in EC-CS) and send data to the parent company's consolidation system.