Materials Management (MM)

Offer from a vendor to a purchasing organization regarding the supply of materials or performance of services subject to predefined terms and conditions.


Business object


The quotation is legally binding on the vendor for a certain period. The quotation is the vendor's response to a request for quotation (RFQ) issued by a purchasing organization.

A quotation consists of a number of items, in which the total quantity and delivery date of an offered material or service are specified.

The total quantity can be subdivided into several partial quantities with different delivery dates in the lines of a delivery schedule.

An item of the procurement type "service" comprises a set of service specifications. The specifications are structured by means of outline levels and the quantity offered is set out in service lines.

Value limits are stipulated in place of service lines for services that cannot be specified precisely.

Value limits can be specified for certain contracts.

Conditions can apply at different levels:

SAP Oil & Gas (IS-OIL)

In MAP (Marketing, Accounting and Pricing), a quotation is a public, quoted price for a specific product at a specific time. It is entered in the system and is used for formula and average pricing calculations.