inspection lot

Quality Management (QM)

A request to a plant to carry out a quality inspection for a specific quantity of material.


Business object


Inspection lots can be created as a result of goods movements or deliveries to customers. They can also be created on the basis of production orders or run schedule headers, to allow the material to be inspected during production.

The inspection results recorded for an inspection lot provide the basis for making the usage decision.


Inspection lots can contain several operations. An operation describes the activity to be carried out at a work center.

Operations can contain several inspection characteristics. An inspection characteristic describes what must be inspected. The sample size and the conditions under which the entire lot quantity should be accepted or rejected are predefined for each inspection characteristic.

Each operation can also specify which production resources/tools are required for the activity.

Inspection lots for customer deliveries, production orders, or run schedule headers can be divided into several partial lots.