Consolidation (EC-CS)

A dimension defines the specific characteristic in group reporting. This involves consolidation types, such as company consolidation, business area consolidation, or profit center consolidation.

A given dimension can outline one or several consolidation types.

Each dimension has its own organizational units and control parameters. On the other hand, all dimensions share the same consolidation charts of accounts and consolidation versions. Multiple dimensions can be analyzed together by using validations and reports.

Financial Accounting (FI)

Within General Ledger, a single field or column of a table.

Dimensions are used when creating the General Ledger coding block.

Examples of dimensions are

Plant Maintenance (PM)

Size, that is used to group units of measure. There are seven base dimensions, to which all other dimensions can be traced back: length, weight, time, electrical current, temperature, molecular mass, brightness.


Measurement units of the same dimension can be converted into one another. (Example: 1 meter = 100 centimeters