Controlling (CO)

Full or partial allocation of calculated costs from one object to another.

The following objects can be senders of settlement

The following objects can be receivers of settlement:

SAP Oil & Gas (IS-OIL)

A settlement in the sense of an exchange is, in most cases, the monthly setting up of a list containing the exchanged materials and fees incurring. With the settlement, the logical inventory of the exchanged materials will be balanced, and a list of the fees incurring will be created. A billing document will not be created here, but through the normal billing process.

Sales & Distribution (SD)

The process by which a clearing house receives a request for payment from a merchant (retailer), then reimburses that merchant for cleared payment card transactions, minus its own fee.

Treasury Management (TR-TM)

The status of a transaction changes after this checking and monitoring stage. Missing information relating to payments and postings can be added at this point.