AcceleratedSAP (BC-BE-ASAP)

Group of tasks. The results of an activity can produce certain deliverables and can be accomplished by one or more project team members. Several activities comprise a work package.

Personnel Management (PA)

Activities are elements of SAP Business Workflow. An activity can be any one of the following:

By assigning activities to users, you identify which areas of the system users can access.

The set of activities assigned to a user is called an activity profile.

Plant Maintenance / Quality Management (PM/QM)

Activity that was carried out within a maintenance, service or quality notification. The activity is defined using a code from the activity catalog and can be explained by additional text if necessary.

An activity can be recorded both in the notification header and the individual notification items.

Project System (PS)

An activity is a task in a network which has a defined start and finish. An activity can be broken down into activity elements.

There are three categories of activities in the Project System:

SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)

Reference to a task as a step within a workflow definition. The referenced task can be a single-step task (customer task/standard task) or a multistep task (workflow task/workflow template).

Depending on the possible results and exceptions of the activity, the appropriate branches are created for modelling the subsequent steps in the workflow definition and are filled initially with an undefined step.