benefit salary

Personnel Management (PA)

This is used as a basis in various calculations in the Benefits component. For example it might be used for the calculation of insurance coverage that is 2 x salary. It is calculated by the system and represents the employee's annual salary.

The system calculates the benefits salary by reading employee master data records on a particular date, or within a particular period.

The infotypes it reads are;

The system reads the valid Basic pay (Infotype 0008) and Recurring payments/ deductions (Infotype 0014) on either;

The system reads all Additional payments (Infotype 0015) that fall in the year preceeding whichever date. The sum of all these amounts is then multiplied with the number of occasions the employee is paid during the year [from the period modifier on their Basic pay record (Infotype 0008)]. The result is the employee's Benefits salary.