plan version

Controlling (CO)

Control parameters for planning in cost accounting.

If more than one set of planning data is desired for comparative analyses, each set is stored in the system as a plan version.

The plan version defines whether

Investment Management (IM)

The plan version shows the planning status of a capital investment program, on the basis of certain approved appropriation requests or appropriation request variants.

Personnel Management (PA)

A plan version is a designated area where you deposit, or store sets of information. Whenever you enter any information in PD, you must specify the plan version where the information should be kept.

A single plan version could include information from any of the PD modules, for example, Organization and Planning, Seminar and Convention or Shift Planning.

You can maintain more than one plan version. This allows you to use different plan versions to represent different scenarios for your firm.

However, you must designate one plan version as the "active plan" if: