organizational unit


SAP key term, with which the organizational structure of a customer is represented, with respect to the SAP applications in use.

Organizational units can:

(for example, sales organizations in SD)
(for example, company code in FI and AM, plant in MM and SD)

The representation of customer-specific organizational structures is a prerequisite for the correct application-specific system settings made in Customizing.

Personnel Management (PA)

An organization unit represents any type of organizational entity designated to perform a specified set of functions within a company. For example, subsidiaries, divisions, departments, or special project teams could all be represented by organizational units.

It is by creating organizational units, and then identifying the relationships between the units, that you identify the organizational structure at your firm.

SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)

An organizational unit is one of the objects contained in an organizational plan. Organizational units represent various entities of a company created for business purposes. These may be departments, groups, project groups, etc.

Organizational units can be created separately or linked together by a hierarchical reporting structure.

Each organizational unit comprises positions. One (or more) of these positions can be designated as the "chief position" of the organizational unit.