functional location

Plant Maintenance (PM)

Organizational unit within Logistics that structures the maintenance objects of a company according to functional, process-oriented or spatial criteria.

A functional location represents the place at which a maintenance task is to be performed.


Business object


Pieces of equipment are installed at functional locations. (installation/replacement of individual objects at a functional location). The times at which a piece of equipment is in use at a functional location are documented in chronological order.


Functional locations are structured hierarchically to represent the structure of the system to be maintained.

Functional locations of different hierarchies can be linked to one another. In this way, you can represent the global network structure of a technical system, the links between different technical systems and the dependencies between individual functional locations.

SAP Utilities (IS-U)

Data object in the Plant Maintenance (PM) application component.

The connection object and device location in the Utilities Industry (IS-U) component are maintained as functional locations in PM.