object link

Cross-Application Functions (CA)

Function for linking various SAP objects (such as materials, change numbers, BOMs) to a document. In the IMG for the document management system, you define which objects can be linked to each document type.

Plant Maintenance (PM)

Linking of two technical objects through a third technical object.

An object link may only consist of objects belonging to the same object category, that is, a piece of equipment can only be linked with another piece of equipment and a functional location with another functional location. If the object that forms the connection is managed in the system as a piece of equipment or a functional location, then two pieces of equipment can only be linked by a piece of equipment and two functional locations by a functional location.

Using object links you can build object networks and structure your technical systems horizontally. This enables you to represent and evaluate dependencies between various objects.

SAP Oil & Gas (IS-OIL)

The single instance of a connection between the business location and another business object in the R/3 system which is used to depict the location in terms of a specific or set of specific business processes.