Business Navigator (BC-BE-NAV)

Characteristic feature of an object in the R/3 Reference Model.

In the R/3 Reference Model, attributes are given values for objects used in business process modeling where this may be of help in the context of an R/3 implementation. For functions, these may include:

A number of other attributes are available for documentation and project results. However, attributes can be maintained only in the PC version of the R/3 Reference Model using the ARIS-Toolset.

Data Modeler (BC-BEW-DMO)

Attribute of an entity type.

An attribute consists of a long name and the definition of the possible values for the attribute.

One or more attributes are specified as key attributes. The values of the key attributes uniquely identify an entity within an entity type.


Value indicating whether an activity is mandatory, critical and/or client-dependent, as well as the R/3 Procedure Model work package and the country to which the activity relates.

You can display attributes while in any IMG and create a view of a Project IMG based on specific attributes.

SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)

Property of an object.

The possible attributes of an object are defined as part of the object type definition in the Business Object Repository.

Attributes can be used to formulate conditions in the workflow definition. The object attributes are read or determined at runtime and used to control the workflow.

An object attribute can return