planning type (Sales & Operations Planning)

Production Planning and Control (PP)

Planning screen designed using the Table Painter and based on an information structure. Sales & Operations Planning comes with three standard planning types, but users are also free to define their own.

A planning type describes a planning horizon, for which a number of historical and future periods can be specified, and contains a freely definable number of lines.

A line is set up to display one of the following:

Any mathematical relationships between the lines are defined with macros.

A planning type is always dual-level if the planning method is consistent planning or delta planning; that is, both the details and the sum of the details can be displayed. If the planning method is level-by-level planning, either single-level (owner) or dual-level (owner and members) planning is allowed.

Planning types provide a flexible tool for the storage and analysis of important data from any information structure. There are no restrictions on the number of planning types possible.