scheduling agreement

Materials Management (MM)

Outline agreement on the basis of which materials are procured at predefined points in time over a certain period.


Business object


A scheduling agreement consists of a number of items, for each of which a procurement type is defined. The following procurement types exist:

The total quantity to be delivered set out in a scheduling agreement item can be subdivided into various partial quantities with corresponding delivery dates in the lines of a delivery schedule.

With respect to scheduling agreement items involving subcontracting work, the material components to be provided to the subcontractor can be specified for each delivery date.

Conditions can apply to the entire scheduling agreement. Conditions are recorded at item level for the material to be supplied.

The buying entity issues scheduling agreement releases (delivery schedules with headers) instructing the vendor to deliver the material that is the subject of the schedule agreement on the dates shown in the relevant schedule lines.

The costs incurred as a result of the procurement can be apportioned among different Controlling objects through the account assignment.

The vendor can indicate to the purchasing organization that the delivery date will be met, or advise of any likely deviations therefrom, by sending various types of confirmation.


Purchase scheduling agreement