KE 538


You want to use summarization levels or summarization data in account-based Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). To obtain good performance when updating these forms of presummarized data, you need to store indexes in the database. These indexes do not yet exist in the database.

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In account-based Profitability Analysis, actual line items are stored in table COEP, while plan line items are stored in table COEJ. To ensure good performance when accessing these tables to update the summarization levels or summarization data, the system requires the index 4 in the database.

These indexes are only required for CO-PA, and are therefore not automatically created.

If you have large data volumes and do not create these indexes, you might experience poor system performance, especially when calling up plan data or executing a report that uses the most current data. You may receive the message "Reading new line items..." for several minutes, even if no new data has been entered.


The solution described here requires good familiarity with the ABAP Workbench and with the standard transport tools. If necessary, consult with your Basis system administrator or consultant.

1. In the ABAP Dictionary, change the index definition of index 4 for table COEP to create the index in the database.
2. Activate index 4 for table COEJ as in step 1.

Once you have created the indexes, this message will no longer appear.