obsolete Varianten

Obsolete Variants of the READ Command

1. READ TABLE itab [ additions ].
2. READ TABLE itab WITH KEY key [ additions].

Variant 1

READ TABLE itab [ additions ].


In an internal table with a header line, you can read a line of the table without specifying the key or index. In this case, the system uses all of the fields in the table header that are not numeric fields (types I, F, P) or tables themselves (see default key of internal tables) as an implicit key as long as their contents are not equal to SPACE . The system looks for the first entry in which all key fields correspond to the header entry, and copies it into the output area.

Variant 2

READ TABLE itab WITH KEY key [ additions ].


This variant accesses the first entry (from the left) beginning with key. The type of the specified key key is the basis for the comparison.


The key key may not be a table or a structure containing a table.