Processing Time Data

This section describes time data processing in the R/3 Human Resources (HR) component. You learn how to use the various forms of calendar entry and fast entry in the Time Management menu to display and maintain time data for an employee.

The following procedures are available for maintaining and displaying time data:

You can update or display time data using the Time data menu. This option allows you to access all Time Management infotypes in the Personnel Time Management (PA-TIM) component and then display or maintain them.

You can maintain and display data in the Time Management component using a weekly, monthly or annual calendar. Using the calendars facilitates the fast entry of data, and also allows you to view the data record history for a selected period.

The fast entry of time management data enables you to maintain several subtype records for an employee within the same time infotype, as well as maintain one infotype for several employees. You can record essential time data for your employees more quickly and efficiently by limiting the number of fields required to be completed.

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