Maintaining Time Data Using A Calendar

You can also create, change or delete time recording data using a calendar. The calendar displays the data contained in an employee’s time infotype records. Changes made to data in calendars have the same effect as changes made in the corresponding infotype records.

The separate calendars enable you to maintain an employee’s time recording data for a specific time period, such as a week, month or a year. In addition, they also represent a quick way to enter data.

The Time Recording component (PA-TIM-REC) includes the following types of calendar entry:

The annual calendar allows you to create or change time infotype records for an entire year on one screen. There is a one-character entry field for each day of the year entered. You can overwrite the existing entry in the appropriate day field to update your data.

The monthly calendar allows you to create or change records for a specified month. Four fields for each day of the selected month are available for entering employee absence/attendance data and work schedule data. In addition, you can maintain all Time Management infotypes from the monthly calendar by selecting the Time data list function.

The weekly calendar allows you to maintain absences/attendances in more detail than using the annual or monthly calendars. The hours that are entered for each day of the week are compared to the hours contained in the employee’s daily work schedule.

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