Maintaining Time Data Using An Annual Calendar


  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Time data ® Maintain.
  2. The Maintain Time Data screen appears.

  3. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  4. Enter the begin and end dates you want to set as the valid period for your calendar.
  5. If you do not specify a period in the Begin and End fields, the system will default to a period beginning with the current month.

  6. Choose Annual calendar.
  7. Select the day for which you want to create, change or delete data.
  8. Enter, overwrite or delete the appropriate symbol. You can enter data for entire time periods using the Absences/Attendances functions.
  9. Save all entries.

If you have inserted a new symbol for which several absence/attendance types already exist, you then have to select the appropriate type as well.

The data is now created for the employee.

Example: Recording An Employee’s Illness Using An Annual Calendar