Maintaining Time Data Using the Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar allows you to maintain records for a specified month. Four fields for each day of the selected month are available for employee absence data and work schedule data. You can use the monthly calendar to access all Time Management infotypes by choosing Change monthly calendar ® Maintain time data list.

Certain types of data can be created, changed or deleted directly from the monthly calendar. These types of data include the following:

Daily Work Schedule Substitutions

Absences and Attendances

Furthermore, you can create or change certain data indirectly from the monthly calendar by selecting the various options from the List entry menu. These options allow fast entry of data for a number of time infotypes. You can easily enter and save new data. The system then displays the updated entries in the monthly calendar. This procedure applies to the following infotypes:

For more information regarding fast entry using the above infotypes, refer to the section on Maintaining Time Data Using List Entry.