Maintaining Time Data Using the Weekly Calendar

Maintaining time data using the weekly calendar is another method for fast entry of employee data. This method allows you to create several data records for an employee in any one week. You can also track the distribution of the employee’s attendance hours on a weekly basis. In addition, specifications for Controlling and Materials Management can be maintained in all weekly calendar screens.

Weekly calendar screens are provided for the following infotypes:

If you are entering additional data, you should be familiar with the relevant applications. For more information, refer to Integrating Time Management with Other R/3 Applications.

If you have questions regarding the configuration of your system, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) or contact your system administrator.

The weekly screen includes several special features for displaying information. You can modify the weekly calendar screen to suit your own specific requirements. Here you can find out how to maintain the weekly calendar and to customize it for your individual company purposes.