Maintaining The Weekly Calendar Screen: Notes

The weekly calendar screen includes several special functions. The following information can assist you in effectively maintaining the weekly calendar screen:

You can customize the weekly calendar screen to suit your own particular requirements. For more information, refer to Creating Your Own Weekly Calendar Screen.

Changing the Validity Period

You can change the validity period in the weekly calendar screen without having to exit the screen. The validity period can be changed by either of these two methods:

When you enter a date, the days of the week appear in sequence in the information section, starting with the date entered.

To display the calendar week for the date entered, choose Complete week.

In this case, the system counts seven days back or seven days ahead. If the week displayed in the information section began Wednesday on the previous screen, the next week displayed also starts on Wednesday.

If you change the validity period on the weekly calendar screen, you first have to save any changes you have made or new records you have created.

Scrolling in the Weekly Calendar Screen

If you want to maintain several data records within a validity period, the space on one screen may not be sufficient. You can use the various scrolling functions to get to a different page. A scroll bar is also included on the right side of the Entry section.

Maintaining Unmodifiable Infotype Records:

Data records that can not be changed may appear on the weekly calendar screen. In the following cases, you can not change infotype records using the weekly calendar:

If necessary, contact your system administrator to change these settings.

You have entered Cost assignment specifications for an attendance record. The infotype record is highlighted in another color on the weekly calendar screen for Attendances/Activity Allocation. You can not maintain this infotype record using the weekly calendar.

To maintain these types of infotype records, jump to single screen maintenance. Select an unmodifiable infotype record and then choose Select. The single screen appears. Here you can make your required changes.