Maintaining An Employee’s Absences and Attendances Using The Weekly Calendar

While you are creating, maintaining or deleting data records, the system may display a time constraint warning or an error message. For more information, refer to Collision Checks in Time Management.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Time data ® Maintain.
  2. The Maintain Time Data screen appears.

  3. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  4. Choose Edit ® Weekly calendar.
  5. The Weekly Calendar screen appears.

    · If you do not enter a validity period, the current week is displayed.

    · You can maintain a variety of data in the weekly calendar screen. The entry section does not show all available fields at first. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Entry section to display the additional fields.

    · Depending on the weekly calendar screen you selected and the settings made in Customizing, the system displays various different fields. You can adapt the weekly calendar to suit your own requirements. For more information, refer to Creating An Individual Weekly Calendar Screen.

    · The weekly calendar screen includes several special functions. For more information, refer to the Maintaining the Weekly Calendar Screen: Notes section.

  6. Enter the day number of the desired weekday.
  7. A special day number is assigned to each weekday. Enter a day number in the Day field to determine the validity day of an infotype record.

  8. Enter all data that is required.
  9. Choose Enter.
  10. The system automatically

    · enters the total number of hours to be distributed in the Hours field

    · reduces the total number of hours to be distributed to zero

    · reduces the total number of hours to be distributed for the selection period ( hours still to be distributed) by the corresponding amount.

  11. Save your entries.
  12. To leave the weekly calendar screen, choose Back.


You have maintained an employee’s attendances or absences using the weekly calendar.