Creating Time Data Using List Entry

· While you are creating, maintaining or deleting data records, the system may display a time constraint warning or an error message. For more information, refer to Collision Checks in Time Management.

· You can not enter an absence for an employee that exceeds the maximum absence time set by your enterprise. If the employee does not have enough leave time accumulated, the record is not saved.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Time data ® Maintain.
  2. The Maintain Time Data screen appears.

  3. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  4. Select the infotype for which you want to enter data using list entry.
  5. Enter the selection period in the From and To fields.
  6. Choose List entry.
  7. The list entry screen appears. The system displays all time data records for this infotype during the selected period.

  8. Find the first blank record or select New page and begin at the first blank record line.
  9. Data entered in any other blank record is not accepted by the system.

  10. Make the required entries for each separate subtype record.
  11. The system enters default values in the infotype fields that are not displayed in the list entry screen.

  12. Save your entries.

New infotype records are now created.

Example: Entering Several Absences For An Employee At The Same Time Using List Entry