Manually Preselecting Personnel Numbers For Fast Entry Of Time Data

  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Time data ® Fast entry.
  2. The Fast Entry of Time Data screen appears.

  3. Select the Manual preselection field in the Enter personnel numbers section of the screen.
  4. Select an infotype from the proposed list, or enter the infotype number in the Infotype field.
  5. Then choose Enter.
  6. A blank list appears in which you can enter personnel numbers.

  7. Enter the personnel numbers.
  8. You can use a matchcode search to select personnel numbers according to specific criteria such as name, organizational unit or company code.

    For more information about matchcode searches, refer to the existing documentation for the R/3 Payroll Accounting component.

  9. Choose a processing by selecting Edit.

You can now maintain the personnel numbers that you selected.