Creating A List of Personnel Numbers Using A Report for Fast Entry of Time Data

  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Time data ® Fast entry.
  2. The Fast Entry of Time Data screen appears.

  3. Select an infotype from the proposed list, or enter the infotype number in the Infotype field.
  4. Select Preselect using report in the Enter personnel numbers section of the screen. You can also enter a specific report in the field provided.
  5. The selected infotype determines what reports you can use for fast entry. Therefore, you must first enter an infotype. You can find the names of the reports allowed for this infotype by selecting from the list of possible entries. Generally, however, only one report is assigned to each infotype, so that the report selection screen appears automatically by choosing Enter,

  6. Then choose Enter.
  7. The Personnel Number Selection for Fast Data Entry screen appears. Here you can enter additional report-specific selection criteria. For more information, refer to the Report Selection Screen section.

  8. Make all required entries and then choose Execute.
  9. The system displays a list of all personnel numbers that fulfill the search criteria you entered.

  10. To edit this list, choose Edit ® Create personnel no. (number) or Edit ® Delete personnel no. (number).
  11. Choose a processing mode by selecting Edit.

You can now maintain the personnel numbers you selected from the report

Example: Creating A List of Personnel Numbers Using A Report For Fast Entry of Time Data