Creating Time Data For Several Employees Using Fast Entry

  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Time data ® Fast entry.
  2. The Fast Entry of Time Data screen appears.

  3. Select Enter in fast entry screen under the Enter personnel numbers section of the screen.
  4. Select an infotype from the proposed list, or enter the infotype number in the Infotype field.
  5. Choose Create.
  6. The Fast Entry screen appears for the selected infotype. All fields on this screen can be maintained.

  7. Enter the personnel numbers of the employees for whom you want to create a new infotype record. Personnel numbers can be entered directly or by using a matchcode search.
  8. For more information about matchcode searches, refer to the existing documentation for the R/3 Payroll Accounting component.

  9. Maintain the required data for each employee.
  10. Save your entries.

The new infotype records are now created for the selected employees.

You can process the personnel numbers of up to twenty employees at the same time. If you select more than twenty employees, the system assigns their corresponding personnel numbers to groups of twenty employees each. Any groups that are not currently displayed on the screen can be accessed by choosing Other personnel nos (numbers). All of the personnel numbers on subsequent screens are automatically updated each time you save records for the personnel numbers on the current screen.