Generating Outgoing Confirmations

Standing instructions correspondence

In order to generate correspondence, correspondence cases must be defined in Customizing. Correspondence can only be generated if there are entries for product type, transaction type, activity type (order, contract, settlement, etc.) and correspondence type (001, 002, etc.).

Standing instructions correspondence is also relevant for external correspondence types i.e correspondence is only generated if standing instructions are also maintained for a business partner.

To generate correspondence for outgoing confirmations, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Back office ® Correspondence ® Outgoing confirmations
  2. Enter the key values for correspondence, e.g. company code, product type, transaction, correspondence type, etc. in the relevant fields.
  3. In the Output control section, choose the output type.
  4. Choose Program ® Execute .
  5. The generated texts are shown on the next screen, e.g. as confirmations, dealing slips etc., if you have chosen Screen display.
  6. You can either print out these documents or send them directly from the SAP R/3 System, e.g. via telefax.

If the relevant Customizing settings are in place, outgoing confirmations are generated automatically when you create/change a transaction.

External correspondence types are at the same time also status-relevant correspondence types. After execution of an external status-relevant correspondence type, the status is set as ‘executed’.