Report Selection: Change

The following functions are available for creating or changing a report tree.

You should not change the standard reports supplied by SAP.

Position the cursor on a node in the report tree and choose Create to create further nodes on the same level as this one or beneath it. In the Create Node dialog box, enter the name of the new node at the required position in the report tree. Then enter node texts for the node.

To rename a node, position the cursor on the node and choose Node ® Rename. Then enter a new name for the node. In the next screen, you can also change the node text (the text displayed in the report tree).

Use this function to delete the partial tree on whose root the cursor is now positioned, or the nodes you have selected. To use this function, you must have authorization to change all the nodes you want to delete.

Select the subtree you want to move and choose Select. Then position the cursor on the node to which you now want to attach the subtree selected, and choose Move. You can specify whether the subtree selected should be on the same level as the target node, or beneath it.

To use this function, you must have authorization to change all the nodes in the subtree, and also for the target node.

You can copy a subtree within a tree, or from one tree to another. Select the subtree or the nodes you would like to copy. Copy it to the interim store by choosing Clipboard ® Copy. Then go to the target tree or the target position in this tree and choose Clipboard ® Insrt from clipboard. You must then rename the node as described above. Enter the name of the new node in the dialog box, Rename nodes, and press Rename.

The content of the clipboard remains there until you exit this mode.

To assign reports to a node, first access the list of reports for the node to which you want to assign reports by pressing Select or double-clicking on the node.

Choose Add in the Change Node dialog box. If the report type displayed in the resulting dialog box does not meet your requirements, use the Other report type key to display a list, from which you can then select another report type. The further entries which you must then make depend on the report type selected. For Report Writer reports, for example, you enter the required report group. Press Copy, then save your input.