Report Selection Customizing

You define in Customizing whether the report display

· takes the form of a selection window

· takes place on a separate screen

In addition, you can create new report trees or change existing ones, without regard to the standard report trees. You edit their structures and assign reports to them.

To do this, go to the Treasury Management implementation guide and choose Information system ® Create/change report selection.

Creating/changing report trees

To create or change a report tree, enter the name of the report tree and choose Create tree or Change tree, as appropriate.

You can then use all the functions for displaying and changing report trees.

End node representation

In the initial screen for report tree configuration, choose Extras ® Control to determine how the end node in the report tree is to be displayed. You can display the node in the overall screen or in a selection window.

When new reports are delivered in the standard system with a new put level, you must import the report tree from client 000 into your working client so as to be able to execute the reports.

To do this, carry out the step "Create/change report selection" in the Treasury Management implementation guide and then choose Report tree ® Import.