Transferring Measurement and Counter Readings


The PM-PCS interface transfers filtered data from a process control system (PCS) to the R/3 System. Measurement documents are created automatically in the R/3 System for the measurement and counter readings.

You should implement this interface if you want to use measurement documents in the R/3 System as the basis for performing maintenance activities or for documenting information.

Process Flow

Process control systems provide a wealth of data that arises within a particular process, building, or infrastructure. SCADA systems perform a filter function in these circumstances. They filter out the maintenance-relevant data and, in this way, prevent the R/3 System from being flooded with process data.

In addition, SCADA systems enable communication between one or more process control systems and the R/3 System.

SCADA system connected directly to the field bus
-> PCS does not require a SCADA interface


SCADA System as middleware between PCS and R/3-System

Some process control systems have their own necessary filter and interface functions which means that they can be connected directly to the R/3 System without the requirement of an intermediate connection to a SCADA system.

Direct connection between PCS and R/3 System

SCADA system as the integrator of various PCS