Conventions in SAP Online Help

Type style


Interface Text

Words or characters that appear on the screen. This includes field names, screen titles, pushbuttons, menu names, and menu options

Document Title

Cross-references to other documentation

User Entry

Words and characters that you enter exactly as they appear in the documentation

<Variable User Entry>

Variable user entry. Pointed brackets indicate that you replace these words and characters with appropriate entries.


Names of elements in the R/3 System. These include program names, transaction codes, table names, ABAP language elements, file names, and directories.




Dsecriptions of R/3 System components (such as MM, FI-SL, HR-PA)

Descriptions of business and system objects (such as cost center, table, material)

Business processes that can be completed in the R/3 System

Descriptions of R/3 System functions (such as reporting functions)

Step-by-step procedures for completing a specific task

Overview information

Concept information

Important information like special considerations or exceptions


Helps you avoid errors such as those that could lead to data loss


PM-PCS Interface