Assigning Activity Groups and Profiles to Users

You can assign activity groups and their authorization profiles to individual users. Using transaction SUPC you can determine the activity groups for which authorization profiles already exist.

Furthermore, you can assign a position to a user. For further details on this topic, consult the Organization Management documentation.

You assign activity groups as follows:

1. Select Tools ® Administration, Maintain Users ® Users.

2. Enter a user name.

3. Select Users ® Change, Utilities ® Assign activity grp.

The activity groups and authorization profiles assigned are displayed in a tree structure.

Profiles and variants are displayed at subordinate level.

If you want to create or maintain an activity group, select Utilities ® Maintain activity group, and create an authorization profile.

4. Using the Activity group pushbutton, select one or more groups.

5. Transfer one or more activity groups by clicking on the Transfer pushbutton.

6. Transfer the authorization profiles for these activity groups by clicking on the Transfer Profiles pushbutton.

7. Save your changed user master record.

By selecting Utilities® color legend you can see a key to the hierarchy.

Authorization profiles and their entries in the user master record cannot have time limits placed on them.

To ensure that only currently valid profiles appear in the user master record, you need to carry out a daily comparison of the authorization profiles. Further details are contained in the following section:

Comparing Profiles in the User Master Record with Activity Groups .

Displaying and Editing Assignments

Displaying Keys, Object Period and Relationship Period

You can display the following elements from the View menu:



Technical names of the activity groups, profiles and variants


Object Period

Validity period of the objects displayed. (activity groups, positions, jobs and Organization units)


Relationship Period

Validity periods of each assignment

Remove Assignments

You can remove assignments of activity groups from a user.

This is done as follows:

1. Select the assigned activity group or position.

2. Click on the delete icon.

The deleted assignment now appears in the new section Unassigned Profiles.

Delimiting Assignments

You can delimit the assignment of an object, in other words, set a limit on the time period for which an assignment is followed.

This is done as follows:

1. Select the assignment.

2. Click on the Delimit icon (Delimit assignment).

3. In the dialog box, choose a delimitation period by clicking on the Period pushbutton, and save this by clicking on the Delimit pushbuttton.