As a rule, user authorizations are not assigned directly to user master records, but grouped together in the form of authorization profiles.

The system administrator can either create authorization profiles manually or automatically using the Profile Generator.

The R/3 System contains a large number of predefined profiles for the Basis System and the work areas in the R/3 System. This makes it considerably easier for the system administrator to create profiles.

The following different types of profile exist:

Use: Specifies authorizations in user master records

Contents: Specific access rights, identified by an object name and a corresponding authorization name.

Composite profiles are maintained by the authorization administrator using: Tools ® Administration, User maintenance ® Profiles.

Use: Specifies a group of authorization profiles in the user master record

Contents: The names of single and composite profiles as well as individual authorizations.

Changes: Changes affect all users to whom this profile is assigned.

Changes only take effect when the user next logs on. Users who are logged on when the change takes place are not affected in their current session.