Authorization Objects

Authorization objects are created manually by programmers. Choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench, Development ® Other tools ® Authorization objects ® Objects.

Use: To group together fields for combined authorization checks.

Authorization object S_TRVL_BKS with fields ACTVT (activity) and CUSTTYPE (customer type)

A user only gains authorization for an activity if he or she satisfies the authorization check for each field in an authorization object. In this way, objects allow complex user authorization checks.

Object names do not appear in the authorization maintenance functions. Instead, the system displays the title texts for each object.

Contents: Authorization fields

Limitations: A maximum of ten fields per object

Changes: Changes are only necessary if you modify the R/3 System and want to include new AUTHORITY-CHECK calls or new objects. Essentially, you may only change or delete your own authorization objects. SAP objects may not be deleted or changed.

If you want to change an object, you must first delete all authorizations associated with it.