Icons in the Toolbar

Displays the entire browser view.

Places a selected line at the highest position

Generates authorizations and an authorization profile,usually one profile per activity group

Deletes all authorizations marked as Inactive and removes them from the display

Insert authorization object

The system displays a browser view of all authorization objects in the system, grouped according to object class.

Choose the required authorization object by clicking on the minus sign.

Then choose Insert selected.

All chosen objects are inserted in the browser view, and authorizations are generated for them. They have Manual status.


Saves the activity group data in the database. The authorizations and profile are not generated. You must however specify the eventual name of the profile. The suggested name is T_<Activity group>. The profile name cannot subsequently be changed. You may however change the accompanying short explanatory text at any time.

Search for fields or objects by key word or text entry.