Essential Information

The following section contains information that is essential to your understanding of the documentation, and to your work with the time sheet.

  1. Personnel number required
  2. Before you can enter data using the time sheet, you must be assigned a personnel number in the SAP R/3 System. If you are an administrator maintaining data for other employees, they must also have a personnel number in the system.

    The personnel number is assigned within Human Resources (HR). The personnel number is not the same as the user ID that is allocated in the SAP R/3 System.

  3. You do not have access to all functions described
  4. The time sheet can be maintained by or for a number of employees with different tasks and areas of responsibility.

    In order to optimize your work processes, the time sheet has been set up in Customizing to cater specifically to your requirements. This may mean that you cannot use all the functions described in the documentation.

  5. Links to optimum information

This section contains a number of links to other parts of the documentation. You do not have to read all sections. Only refer to a topic:

If you are interested in background technical information, see Technical Basics of the Time Sheet.