Changing a Partner: Initial Screen Master Data

  1. Starting from the general menu, choose Accounting ® Real estate management ® Master data.
  2. Starting from this menu, the following edit options are available:
  3. Action


    - Change master data for tenant, broker or owner

    - the respective function.

    - Edit master data for further role categories

    - Other roles ® Change
    You then specify the required application, for which a partner is to be edited and press
    ENTER .

    Then choose the desired role category and press
    ENTER .

    In both cases, you receive the dialog box Choose Partner: Initial Screen.

  4. Enter your data in the dialog box Choose Partner: Initial Screen and choose Execute.
    You receive a list of all partners in accordance with the chosen role category and entered data (selection criteria).
  5. To choose the partner, position the cursor on the required partner and choose the function Choose.
    You reach the screen Change Business Partner: Name.

    You can now edit master data for partner.