Editing a Rental Agreement: Adjustment Data

If you have chosen index-based or sales-based rent as an adjustment type, you have to maintain the adjustment data on these contracts.

Consider the dependency of the adjustment procedure on the chosen adjustment type.

  1. Press ENTER to enter the data so far maintained into the system.
  2. Choose Goto ® Adjustments ® Adjustment types or press the button behind the Adustment type field.
    You see different windows for further processing depending on which adjustment type you have chosen:

Editing a Rental Agreement: Adjustment Data for Sales-Based Rental Agreement

Editing a Rental Agreement: Setting Adjustment Data for Index-Linked Rental Agreement

In addition, you have the following option for editing adjustment data:



- you want to exclude certain conditions of the rental agreement from the chosen adjustment,

- choose Goto ® Adjustments ® Adj. block