Editing Central Heating System: Assigning Settlement Unit

  1. To assign the central heating system required for the settlement, choose the Assign sett.unit function.
  2. How to proceed depends on whether you have chosen an external or an internal settlement:
  3. External Heating Expenses Settlement

    Internal Heating Expenses Settlement

    - In the Settlement group box, enter SUs, to which the costs are to be posted.
    These costs are apportioned depending on the service charge keys and reported to the external settlement company.

    - In the Credit SU group box, specify the credit-side SU for the external heating expenses settlement.

    the central heating system is specified for information only. You do not have to assign settlement units.

    All settlement units should have the same participation ID.

    No check is made as to whether the correct settlement units have been entered according to the internal or external settlement.

  4. If you want to display the settlement unit for the external or internal heating expenses settlement, position the cursor on a corresponding field and choose Environment ® Settlement unit.

    Use the
    Back function to return to the processing of the central heating system.
  5. Save your data.