ABAP List Viewer

ABAP List Viewer

Navigating Within the List

Choosing Detail

Sorting in Ascending/Descending Order

Selecting Rows and Deleting Selections

Row Indicator

Setting and Deleting Filters

Totalizing Values and Deleting the Totalization

Creating Subtotals

Displaying totals Rows Only and Expanding Totals

Displaying and Collapsing Non-Totals Rows for Subtotals

Choosing Summation Levels

Defining the Breakdown of the Summation Levels

Displaying the List Status

Optimizing the Column Width

Freezing to Columns and Unfreezing Columns

Display Variants

Choosing Display Variants

Defining the Current Display Variant

Saving Display Variants

Management of Display Variants

Displaying the Basic List

Finding Terms

Printing Lists

Sending the List as a Document

Saving the List in the Report Tree

Saving the List as a File