Shift Planning


This application component allows you to accurately determine and schedule the appropriate number and type of human resources required for your enterprise to carry out business requirements.

Implementation Considerations

Unlike other types of resource planning for materials, machines and vehicles, human resources planning involves a unique set of requirements. Personnel administrators face problems and issues that are extremely time consuming and cost intensive to deal with without computer support.

By using the Shift Planning component, you can distribute your human resources quickly and appropriately. You can assign shift time, shift location, selection and number of required employees so that your personnel capacity is utilized to its maximum effect.


Shift Planning is a component of R/3 Time Management. The continuous transfer of data between the Time Management, Organizational Management and Personnel Administration components ensures that changes made are updated throughout the system. Changes made in Time Data Recording and Administration or Time Evaluation that affect shift planning, or those from Shift Planning that affect payroll accounting, for example, are incorporated in all of the components. In this way, planning errors, such as those that occur when manually transferring data, can be minimized.


The R/3 Shift Planning component offers a wide variety of user-friendly tools to create detailed shift plans with a high degree of accuracy, while saving valuable time and costs.

Shift Planning includes the following functions: